[MHM] BMG (was Re: grammy hilights haiku)

From: Wayne E Baisley (wbaisley@enspherics.com)
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 21:31:23 PST

> I liked the crazy Moby+blue intel guys+Jill whatsername show

I trust all of you with TVs (that pull signals out of thin air) have
seen the new Pentium 4 adverts (and the previous IIIs)? They're known
as Blue Man Group, and have a life quite outside shaking it for Intel,
though they do that pretty well, too. They've been around for a decade

Their shows, staged in New York, Boston, Chicago, and now, Las Vegas,
are a blast. One good reason to escape the coast, if only for a little
while. They're hard to describe without making tediously long lists.
Here's a short one:

Music. Lots of original music. Lots of drumming.
Invented instruments, like the Drumbone in the P4 spot.
Marshmallows, Jell-O, Twinkies, and lots of toilet paper.
Paint. Lots of Paint.
The first 7 rows get plastic ponchos to keep paint splashes off.

There's no plot, per se. It's Jackson Pollock meets Bill Bruford in a
wired circus side-show.

There are lots of interesting pokes at the art world, and wry and
sometimes insightful observations on life, but it's not too serious.
One example: With works of art being digitized, we can gain access to
them from home, and enjoy the world's masterworks without having to give
up being alone.

The Men are Blue, to avoid being any particular ethnicity, or rather to
look somewhat alien to everyone. They are definitely Men. They make
noise and messes, and they don't speak, though there is a recorded
female voice. But the show is about interconnectedness, and they manage
to communicate a great deal using expressions and gestures. And LEDs.
Must-have music. Must-see show.


I've only seen the Chicago show (3 times, somewhat by accident), so I
don't know how the other locations may differ. My favorite track from
Audio is Utne Wire Man, FWIW.


And you shouldn't miss the bathroom. They pipe in a jingle they've
written just for that space in the lobby.

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