Re: [XML Bastard] XML Sucks! Fork You! No! Fork Yourself!

From: Brian Clapper (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 08:45:58 PST

On 5 March, 2001, at 10:24 (+0000)
Tony Finch <> wrote:

> John Klassa <> wrote:
> >
> >I've been reading the Apache/Jakarta docs, since we're trying to build the
> >next generation of our (internal) tool on JSP technology. Every flippin'
> >config file is XML. Web.xml looks just like build.xml looks just like
> >server.xml. It's driving me *nuts*!
> Syntax colouring should help.

That's as may be, but XML is a crappy configuration file syntax to foist on
people. The one thing I dislike about "ant" is that its build file is in
XML. It's a highly annoying and inappropriate syntax to have to read and
edit. If you're going to make someone edit a configuration file by hand (as
opposed to supplying a UI or translator that hides the XML), why not choose
a syntax that's less visually cluttered and easier to read?

Brian Clapper,

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