Re: Seattle Wireless

From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 13:55:49 PST

Tom WSMF <> writes:

> Anyone in on this? Got a bud in seattle whos trying to talk some of us
> into doing a portland version of it.

There is a portland version brewing - still experimental, a few nodes
up, but figuring out how it's going to be done. I don't know about
some of the schemes, but I'd be happy if I could reach my home box
from anywhere in town in return for letting others do the same.

A good sign is that there used to be two portland groups with the same
goal, they seem to have merged, with one end focusing on portland's
network and the other on a tracking and developing kits &
software distributions that can be used for similar efforts.

Um, Tom, if you join the mailing list, don't tell them that I let the
tomwhore in, okay? ;)

I hope to see something similar to freesco or lrp developed - get a
diskless 486 with a few generic ethernet cards in it, connect one of
them to your antenna, stick the router-on-a-floppy in it, fill out a
form, & you're connected.

Karl Anderson 

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