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Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 08:53:55 PST

In the 1800's scientists claimed that the human rib cage would collapse
because of the speed of new trains, a max of 25mph. The first 40 pilots
trying to break the sound barrier died when their planes exploded, but
they didn't stop trying. Exploration and risk go hand in hand. I think
this guy is really brave to try this. Let's see if he goes through with
it, and if he survives.

Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> It is somehow reassuring that the benevolent insanity gene
> has not yet gone from the race.. :-) If he does not make
> it, I think he is a clear Darwin Award candidate.
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> Subject: FWD: Outer Space Skydive Planned
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> Subject: Outer Space Skydive Planned
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> From: Jim Beveridge <>
> Subject: FW: Outer Space Skydive Planned
> Wicked cool ;-)
> March 4, 2001
> Outer Space Skydive Planned
> Filed at 10:46 p.m. ET
> SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- A former Australian army commando plans to
> jump off the edge of outer space and plummet almost 25 miles to Earth
> in the highest skydive ever.
> Rodd Millner, 37, will make the 40,000-meter jump by riding in a hot
> air balloon to the edge of space, the Australian Associated Press
> reported Sunday. He will wear an astronaut's suit to protect his body
> from extreme pressures, it said.
> The plan calls for Millner to fall at up to 1,100 mph during a
> seven-minute fall before opening a parachute. If he succeeds, he will
> break the sound barrier, the report said.
> ``It's basically extreme science to see how far we can push it -- this
> is going to change the face of a lot of things ... including emergency
> procedures for people exploring space,'' he was quoted as saying by
> AAP.
> Millner claims that scientists have helped him on the project, but it
> is not known if the human body is capable of enduring such a descent.
> The jump may be a relaxing change for Millner, who teaches explosives
> and mine warfare to Australian army recruits.
> Millner hopes to turn his plunge into a virtual computer game using
> film from cameras that will be fitted to his suit and the balloon.
> Project Space Jump will be launched from Alice Springs in March 2002.

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