Re: from stock tickers to radios to mirrors

From: Chris Olds (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 23:55:27 PST

On 4 Mar 2001, Karl Anderson wrote:
> Tom Jennings of World Power Systems/Fidonet fame was making some
> cool one-offs like this. He'd use the cases & interfaces of ancient
> electronic devices, either to control something more modern, or just
> to frob & watch the needles move. Can't find out what happened to
> him, tho.

The last time I talked to Tom (about a year and a half ago) he had some
really fabulous retro gadgets, including a Nixie-tube clock.
Unfortunately, he needed to get $1k for the clock to cover his costs, so I
had to pass on it. He's mostly doing art stuff rather than programming,
but he has a killer collection of old TTY hardware and such. I hope to
see him this year - I want to get one of his toys this time...

If anyone wants to get in touch with him, let me know and I'll dig up his
email address (physically, he's was in NM, last I heard).


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