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Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 08:37:36 PST

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Eugene Leitl wrote:

--]I think Vinge's A Deepness in the Sky shows very clearly where we might be

WEll, we are definetly i a slow zone , but this doesnt mean we have to be
apes about it.

FOlks, look around you. The net that you probably knew back in 93, the
thing that was the stuff of dreams that spawned a thousand articles and a
million millionares is now a strip mall. Nothing wrong with that, if you
like strip malls. You can find some cool shops in a strip mall.

Occasionaly, after truding thru 700 7-11's 800 plaid pantrys and a few
thousand Lotto sign sport food marts, you might come accorss one games
shop that has a good selction of stuuf or one computer shop that has a
part you need or one used cd shop that has a 2$ bin with a near new copy
of You Cant DO That On Stage vol I or a bootleg of Tom Waits in Eugen OR.

But mostly its corn nuts and slurpes.

So, isnt that what this was supposed to be about, convenence for the
masses. THis really wasnt so much about a societal Uplift war but a Reach
OUt and Sell Someone push.

When the western parts of america were tamed there were still mountian
men( and or women) and frontiers men (and or women) stumbling aorund the
newly civilized ares. They felt pretty darn out of place and often ran
afoul of the law, yes the law who they had helped come settle in what was
once there private domain of wonder and joy.

SO where to go if you one of the early wild untamable exploreres? Well you
could go a bit further off shore and raid the civilized sheep for loot,
you could go look for more frontiers, you could do a combination of both.
But fit into the tamed lands that you once ran loved for its wild nature
and inifite possibilites? No likely.

Where am I going with this? Im not sure. Its tuesday morning and I have
been online for more than half my life.

Slow Zones ramblings and Uplift Wishes.

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