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Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 20:24:24 PST

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>Street Life, Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 08:49 PM
>Koogle Doesn't Yahoo!
>By Julie Creswell
>YAHOO! DOWN AND KOOGLE (SORT-OF) OUT.... Were they going to miss earnings?
>Making a big acquisition? Or was someone out? It looks like the correct
>answer for the mystery surrounding the Yahoo! stock halt today was "A" and
>"C." Yahoo FINALLY got around to announcing (geez, guys, what's with the
>all-day wait??) that it was going to miss first-quarter numbers--a lot.
>Furthermore, CEO Tim Koogle is stepping down. (He's still going to remain as
>chairman.) Yahoo's stock is down about 90% (man already!!) from its 52-week
>high of $205 5/8. And it was falling fast in after-market trading: YHOO was
>down another 10% at $18 11/16. Online advertising, one of Yahoo's biggest
>revenue sources, is plunging. Company said Q1 revs look like they're going to
>come in around $170 million. That's waaaay off the $233 million analysts were
>looking for.

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