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Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 21:20:37 PST

Speaking of layoffs, I saw something on CNN not long ago about this. Some
company has been tracking layoffs since Jan of 93. Seems Dec 1999 was the
worst since, and the data they had gathered for Jan 2001 was worse by the
time they reported this (this was almost at the end of Jan when I saw

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Jeff Barr wrote:

> This headline definitely caught my eye. It definitely sounds painful.
> Jeff;
> Vivendi Plans to Cut Uproar, Flipside Staffs in Half next
> A month after it snatched up Alley games-and-prizes network Uproar (Nasdaq:
> UPRO), Vivendi Universal Chairman and CEO Jean-Marie Messier said Uproar
> will be consolidated with Flipside, a Vivendi online entertainment company.
> The combination means that half of Uproar and Flipside's combined 300
> employees will be cut.
> Messier's comments on the consolidation were made at the FT New Media &
> Broadcasting conference on Monday. "At the end of the day, both companies
> will have 150 employees and will be profitable before the end of 2001,"
> Reuters quoted Messier telling the conference.
> In February, Flipside agreed to buy Uproar in a $140 million cash deal that
> paid $3 for each of Uproar's 46.1 million outstanding shares. The deal was
> made all the sweeter for Vivendi by Uproar's bulbous cash reserves, which
> stood at $80 million.
> The staff cuts will shrink even further an already slimmed-down Uproar
> workforce, which last year numbered over 230. The company had moved its
> technology and production operations out to Los Angeles late last year,
> leaving the New York office with marketing, business development, and other
> non-technical operations.
> The Uproar Network operates,, and, while
> Flipside runs similar games-and-prizes sites and online casino
> site In January, Uproar shut down online gaming site
>, which it acquired in August 2000.
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