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Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 20:13:11 PST

They meant it as a hack, but I could see it working...

"The ladies are ready for the new eTrex Vogue, the shocking pink version with
four megabytes of essential points of interest: hairdressers, shopping places,
boutiques, etc.
MetroGuide Ladies Points of Interest will be available for America, Europe and
Asia starting in Q2. Vogue magazine will be providing a free, Internet based
update service.
Special subgroups are available online such as: Hollywood celebrities homes and
factory outlets.

Additional functions include a calorie counter (capable of calculating calories
used based on distance jogged), a shopping list manager (referenced to the
specific waypoints),
a horoscope generator based on the positions of the other (not GPS)
constellations, and a lunar/Ogino-Knaus fertility calculator.

Optional accessories include a selection of five multicolored Lycra pouches to
complement any attire and a white version that can by dyed at home to any color
and gold,
silver or black clips to wear it on the purse strap, over the shoulder.

This 12 channel model builds on the success of the highly successful Garmin
Global Positioning System GPS receivers: the Garmin eTrex, Summit, Venture,
Legend, Vista
and Camo models.

               It will be announced at the upcoming Cannes Womens Fashion
Festival next month.

                                You need an eTrex Vogue in your purse!"

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