Re: Munchkins

Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 22:45:10 PST

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> So, there's been a lot of revisiting on the list nowadays. I
> just wanted to revisit Munchkins. Something in COTD (below) sparked

That what pisses me off most about this is that this follows the
usual development track in the bipedal primate environment. A few (too
bright for their own good) people think up a killer application to end
all killer applications, unfortunately too early. The VC craze hasn't
started yet, and even if they tried peddling that business plan no one
understood what the fuck they were talking about. It never pays to be a

Then, after all these years, facets of the technology begin cropping up,
each touted as the best thing sliced bread and raising $$$s like there's
no tomorrow. So sooner or later this will be napsterized: a deployed
minimal braindead implementation will capture people's attention. For
about a month, only to run into its limitations and eventually vanish
from collective memory, leaving behind nothing but a bad smell.

So instead of the whole enchilada (ultrabroadband, geodetic routing and the
network protocol to support it, local positioning, traffic remixers, agoric
resource accounting, microcash, a massively parallel planetwide distributed
architecture to publish and compute, and a billion cool things we don't have
even names for, since we haven't yet thought of doing them), we'll get some
braindead dumbed-down idiotic thing like Napster.

And everyone will love it. For about a month. And then when you attempt to
build and deploy TheGleamingOrb(tm) they'll laugh in your face and say
"Dude, that's sooo last month. You still haven't heard it sucks?"


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