[MHM] Declan's top 500 list

From: Wayne E Baisley (wbaisley@enspherics.com)
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 09:44:35 PST

MacManus, that is. Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus Bonanafanafofanus,
aka Elvis Costello, chooses his top 500 [Must Have Music] albums:


Interesting, interesting. The ambient/house/industrial/techno/trance
genre is absent (oh, you wanted *music*! ;-). Also, no Eric Clapton,
Leo Kottke, or Lyle Lovett! I'd lose the Dylan Basement Tapes but add
World Gone Wrong. I'd go with Mahler's 4th over the 1st (but then
he's got Beethoven's 9th, so there's already a choral symphony). I'd
work in Bach's Brandenburg Concerti, and maybe another P.J. Harvey,
too. For spoken word, Christopher Plummer reading White's Book of
Merlin is hard to beat. There wouldn't be any Grateful Dead on my
list. (Vague memory of an old Letterman interview with someone, maybe
Dennis Hopper? -- You're a Dead fan, right? No. Well, isn't there
one song of theirs you like? Yeah, the short one.) Plenty on this
list to like, though. And of course, my list would include Costello's
King of America, at least. Minimum 5,000 albums, I'm thinking.

Where's your list, Adam?


So many empty spaces to fill ...

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