RE: CNET: Former Netscape duo reunites for P2P start-up

From: Mark Day (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 10:51:23 PST

> Regarding Zodiac...
> > A kind of Netscape Communications reunion tour is bringing Jim Barksdale
> > and Marc Andreessen together again, as the two work with a
> stealth company
> > that hopes to merge some of Akamai Technologies' approach with a
> > Napster-like model, sources say.
> When last I checked, Akamai's market cap was $1.4 billion and
> Napster had no business model.
> Oh goody, throw some PointCast in there, that'll give em a business model.

Reading the Zodiac Networks announcement was like entering a time warp.

"Look, here's someone talking about their similarities to Akamai, Napster,
and PointCast without intending to be ironic!"

"Wow! Where have they been for the last n months?"


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