Re: [linux-elitists] web logging proxy?

From: Heather (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 10:30:17 PST

> I'm really getting ticked off about the state of the art in computer
> software. Nutscrape has a creeping memory leak and doesn't remember the
> webtrail, so I manually, laborously moved the hundred locations (I took
> about 3 days to research) stored in Netscape to Opera, which promptly
> freezes up after a while. (Well, it's a beta, but I need a lightweight
> browser that works). So I have to kill it, and of course dumb Oprah
> doesn't store the uris ini a persistant dbase. Meaning, software crashee,
> you loseee.

lynx doesn't crash on me... and with one key (backspace) you can pull up
the history list *as a webpage*. \ for unrendered version, P for print to
disk. Save it to any darn filename you want, not something the browser is
going to eat when it barfs on some cheesy javascript.

If your video card is "down" to it, you can wire up SVGAlib and let zgv be
lynx' image viewer. (recommendation 1: if you aren't mentioned, try forcing
the "VESA" entry.)

> I don't mind that badly if a browser bombs a few times a week (well, I do,
> but it doesn't drive me up the wall, screaming), provided I don't lose the
> state stored in the URI field.
> I guess this means I need a logging proxy which doesn't interfere too
> badly. Do you know a good one, preferably in Perl or Python? Perhaps
> one which also strips the cookies and the ad business?

squid makes lots of logs of its usage but it would probably take some
scripts to extract what you want from it (unless you're the only user)

Filter hooks are par for the caching course these days, no?

* Heather * The "cutting edge" is getting rather dull. -- Andy Purshottam

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