Re: [linux-elitists] Re: web logging proxy?

From: Heather (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 10:36:43 PST

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> Also sprach Eugene Leitl:
> > I'm really getting ticked off about the state of the art in computer
> > software. Nutscrape has a creeping memory leak and doesn't remember the
> > webtrail, so I manually, laborously moved the hundred locations (I took
> > about 3 days to research) stored in Netscape to Opera, which promptly
> > freezes up after a while. (Well, it's a beta, but I need a lightweight
> Promptly after a while? Immediately, but not right now?
> > browser that works). So I have to kill it, and of course dumb Oprah
> > doesn't store the uris ini a persistant dbase. Meaning, software crashee,
> > you loseee.
> Your bug report doesn't help me much. What are you trying to do?
> -h&kon

He's got a point there, since "beta" translates from corporate talk to
"it works for us, but, for gods sake send us bug reports, we know it's
 broken in here somewhere."

Like most of the good stuff on our side of the fence, actually.

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