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Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 11:22:07 PST

He's one of the early "software IC"/component programming types -- superdistribution was his silver bullet to get people to not only buy and use components, but then resell them to others.

Sort of like multi-level marketing for software engineers.


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There is a little thread going on with another mailing list im on (dist
obj /me ducks) and there is one fella that I am dying to flame a new
butthole, but im missing some vital clicks in my head as to the details of
his weakness.

This fella is touting his methodology called and to
these ears it sounds like a load of horseshit warpped in a PHd. Has anyone
had any dealings with or insight to this "New Paradigm for a new

You know I dont mind looking like a fool, but i want to at least be an
informed fool:)-

Heres the particulars.....

Dr. Brad Cox;
Phone: 703 361 4751 Fax: 703 995 0422 Cellular: 703 919-9623 A new paradigm for a new millinneum
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(if your on dist-obj dont be tatling on me over there for my inquiry over
here. Im simply trying to educate myself before a well postioned attack.
Consider this an act of courtsey on my part:) )

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