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Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 12:13:17 PST

Follow me on this, i think I got the whoel thing
figured out.

Last night I took my kid out to see a new kids film "Recess: School's Out
". Its another in a long line of tv kids cartoons hitting the big screen.
The plot was amazing familar after reading the superdistributed thread.

Back in the 60's a principal had the idea that if there were no Recess
kids would stay in school longer and get better test scores, which was
what he considered the only metric of school. So he tried his best to do
away with Recess only to be thwarted by hippie love monkey parents and a
cool dude teacher.

This of course is just the background of the real film..flash to now. The
same fella who wanted to do away with Recess is now an evil mad politican,
recetnly kicked out of his Sect. of EDucation post in the white house for
his radical plans to , yes you got it, do away with recess. Now though he
has stolen top secret wepons and equipment to really do his plan up right

And this is where i thought of

His plan was to use the equipment to Move the moon so that there would be
no summer hence no summer vaction, the longest recess of them all. The
kids would have to stay in school longer due to the wintery weather and
thus test score would go UP up up and he would be hailed as a genius and

Of course the kids in the film stop him, with a little help from the
teachers and in the course learn the value of being a kid etc etc etc.

There was one little speach that got me chocked up though. The hero of the
cartoon and the film , tj detwieler, tells the evil nut job (voice done by
James Woods) that if he made summer into winter they would nto stay in
class anyway, they would just go sled ridding instead of heading to the
pond to swim, they would make snow men rather than play baseball, that no
matter what the condtions were set in front of them they would be kids.

And again, I thought of and the whole DRM, CCA, and
filtering software in toto. No matter what is done there will be some way
some how to do what is made verboten.

The movie has a nicely mixed set of songs and, thank god, no overt
broadway muscial moments...well there is Mikey singing but thats done by
Robert Goulet and it fits into the story line.

So if you need a movie to take the kids to, this is a good solid film all
around. That it has some relevance to whats going on with all this mess on
the net is only icing on the cake.

Two thumbs up to the movie
two thumbs down to

(and why do i keep hearing Wiley Kyote saying that..

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