the next killer pda-alike

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Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 18:44:03 PST

They meant it as a hack, but I could see it working...

"The ladies are ready for the new eTrex Vogue, the shocking pink version with
four megabytes of essential points of interest: hairdressers, shopping places,
boutiques, etc.
MetroGuide Ladies Points of Interest will be available for America, Europe and
Asia starting in Q2. Vogue magazine will be providing a free, Internet based
update service.
Special subgroups are available online such as: Hollywood celebrities homes and
factory outlets.

Additional functions include a calorie counter (capable of calculating calories
used based on distance jogged), a shopping list manager (referenced to the
specific waypoints),
a horoscope generator based on the positions of the other (not GPS)
constellations, and a lunar/Ogino-Knaus fertility calculator.

Optional accessories include a selection of five multicolored Lycra pouches ...

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