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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 15:09:15 PST

Send him a PGP encoded message using his public key that
contains a PGP encoded message using his public key that
contains a PGP encoded message using his public key that...

It'll drive him batty. If he's smart, he'll recognize why
it doesn't decode right off. If he's borderline smart, you
can get him to try and decode 20-30 times before he figures it out.

Just sounds like a marketing buzzword to control the channel
versus controlling the content.


Tom WSMF wrote:
> There is a little thread going on with another mailing list im on (dist
> obj /me ducks) and there is one fella that I am dying to flame a new
> butthole, but im missing some vital clicks in my head as to the details of
> his weakness.
> This fella is touting his methodology called and to
> these ears it sounds like a load of horseshit warpped in a PHd. Has anyone
> had any dealings with or insight to this "New Paradigm for a new
> millinneum"
> You know I dont mind looking like a fool, but i want to at least be an
> informed fool:)-
> Heres the particulars.....
> Dr. Brad Cox;
> Phone: 703 361 4751 Fax: 703 995 0422 Cellular: 703 919-9623
> A new paradigm for a new millinneum
> PGP Signature: E194 C6E5 92D8 B8FB 20E8 8667 929A 95A0 FCB6 7C62
> (if your on dist-obj dont be tatling on me over there for my inquiry over
> here. Im simply trying to educate myself before a well postioned attack.
> Consider this an act of courtsey on my part:) )

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