Re: we get NO signal, all your 802.11 base are belong to the Man

From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 16:47:36 PST writes:

> It can be installed (preferably somewhere high) everywhere.
> Look, no wires, mom. It is possible to greatly extend the
> range by using a directional antenna (helical ones might
> be suitable for the frequency range). While illegal in
> most countries, it also reduces the probability that the
> men with rotating antennas on their cars will find it.

Isn't it easy enough to jam, then you won't care where it is, cause it
isn't doing anything?

> It will be utterly impossible to find if you go optical,
> using near-infrared or visible LEDs and laser diodes,
> because you don't see the collimated beam unless you're
> in line of sight.

I guess you'd jam that by firing up the earthquake machine and
jiggling all of the lasers a degree.

Not that there isn't plenty of fun stuff to do that won't make anyone
want to jam you.

Karl Anderson 

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