Re: Intermittent service

Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 23:19:41 PST

Jeffrey Kay <jkay@ENGENIA.COM> writes:
> Have there been troubles with the e-mail server for FoRK? I seem to get
> e-mail in fits and starts. It seems to burst messages -- I'll get a chunk
> of mail around 7AM EST and that's it. Nothing as it is posted, best as I
> can tell. Sometimes messages I post don't seem to make it (I could take
> that as an editorial judgment from a moderator, but I'm too egotistical to
> presume that would ever happen :-).

There have been two big problems recently:

- xent's disk was full for a while (full of bounces) and so it wasn't
  accepting incoming mail until I cleaned it;
- was offline for a couple of weeks so I could get
  someone in Dayton to disable buggy BIND.

Also, I tend to send a lot of mail, and that tends to get delivered in
bursts when I plug my laptop into the Net. Are these chunks of mail
from me? :)

> I've sent this one via instead of

Same machine.

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