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Date: Sun Mar 11 2001 - 03:44:04 PST

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> I agree, but the other folks don't seem to be too enthusiastic.
> I'd wish I hadn't a job to attend to and a flat to renovate, this matter
> warrants at least few weeks of undivided attention. We're late, but it's
> probably still not hopeless.
> Btw, the IPv6 peope boasted how many nodes/m^2 of Earth surface they'll be
> able to address, but this doesn't involve um^3 nodes in a sphere lighthours
> across.
> Still, any clue as how to intelligently map a WGS84, including altitude into
> a 128 bit IPv6 address? 32 bit/degree of freedom, it does roughly give you
> 1 mm resoultion for Earth surface, right? That might be enough.

Caution before you click; this is large.

This is the 44 address map, by amateur callsign, which maps to a geographic
region on the earth's surface. Coarse and crude, but a rough guide to
routing. Root server stuff.

You can look up against the callsign to get a mailing address, but it's
not quite 1 mm precise. 8^) And if you do that, you get the rough equivalent
of the old Rutgers uucp maps.

The subnetting is geographic, but there are other nets outside the 44 space.
It takes all kinds...

Chuck Murcko
Topsail Group

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