strip malls through the ages

From: Dave Long (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 13:01:55 PST

> million millionares is now a strip mall. Nothing wrong with that, if you
> like strip malls. You can find some cool shops in a strip mall.

The ancient greeks had a kind of
building called a 'stoa'. It had
a back wall, and rows of columns
to hold up the roof.

Cheap buildings, frequently used
for shops, built in linear or 'L'
conformations -- did the ancients
steal 'strip malls' along with
all our best ideas?


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Oxide formation:
reaction details studied,
reported in brief

Nitric or nitrous?
The leaving groups determine
Which oxide will form.

Howard Maskill
Nature Volume 409 Number 6823 Page 977 (2001)

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