Re: What will you do with your teraflops PC?

From: Chuck Murcko (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 17:40:02 PST

Run RF-driven argon plasma simulations, then verify the model I'm using
for the simulation by then. The first one I build is a coil wrapped
around a fluorescent tube but that's argon-mercury. You use the end
electrodes as Langmuir probes to measure the ion & electron temps.

Drive it with a ham radio transmitter at the ion cyclotron freq. of argon.

Then work up to an RF-driven argon ion laser. But I have to be able to
simulate that by then, so QED I need a teraflops machine.

You can do it in your basement. ;^)


On Monday, March 12, 2001, at 07:21 PM, Brian Atkins wrote:

> Brian: These chips would be over 500 times faster than the best Athlons
> or Pentium 4s we have now. And in only 5 years. WOW
> Eliezer: If this is true, a medium-sized research project should
> definitely be able to buy enough power for "true AI" by 2005-2007. Of
> course, that's hardware rather than software - but still.
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