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From: Stephen D. Williams (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 11:40:45 PST wrote:
> This is a HUGE crock of shit. You go to the site, and it wants you to
> enter the email addresses of people who you have crushes on, in order to
> find out if you make a crush link. And if you don't, then if you enter 3
> more addresses, you can get what they call a hint. So I fell for it, and
> subjected 3 more of my friends to this bullshit, and found that, before I
> can get a hint, I must register w/ Fuckers. So I do that,
> and they send me a fucking hint that says "Your crush has 4 or less
> letters in their first name" NO SHIT! THAT HELPS ME A LOT! Finally I
> realize that I''ve been had, and have given the emails of 5 of my friends
> to these assholes, so i email them all and tell them to disregard the
> damned thing. Grrr. (: Someone needs to crush their fuckin heads.
> </rant>

I was sent this a week or two ago... Same assessment.

For a site with a more useful, but limited, appeal check out
My girlfriend didn't hesitate to pop $30+ to join this just before her
last class reunion to get in touch with her classmates. It lets you
know who has already signed up, etc. You can join but only see all info
when you pay. Nice use of the network effect.

Wish I'd thought of it first. Not a big idea, but a nice niche.


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> Guess what... you've got a secret admirer!
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> Invitation code: mkeh5c
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> exactly as shown above.
> See you soon!
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> PS. This is not junk email. You've received it
> because someone *you know* came to CrushLink and
> confessed an interest in you! Maybe it was that
> hottie from English class or the cute one at the
> party last weekend or maybe--well, we can't even
> give you a hint until you come to
> PPS. If you do not wish to receive any more of
> these messages from CrushLink, please visit

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