Re: MgB2 -- Superconductivity Breakthrough

From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 20:25:01 PST

One more note:

"* Several panelists noted that the flurry of activity in the past two
months is faster-paced than was the case in the late 80's, with the
ceramic superconductors. At that time, research outpaced periodicals
mostly through fax and word of mouth, meaning that if you were
well-connected, you might see a paper in weeks instead of months. Today,
however, many physicists and mathematicians share their preprints and
early papers with each other over the Web, at, also known as
the Los Alamos e-print server. This means any interested person can get
the latest research right after it is posted."


-Matt Jensen

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