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Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 15:10:32 PST

But NAS on end January was 2829. Now its 1956.. a fall of .. 31% - very
 close to a Fibonacci retracement of 32%..(1922)

 I'm NOT calling a bottom. I'm just saying we could see a rally soon. -
this week perhaps. I would not say it will be a strong rally or all stocks
will move ..........

.....unless the PPI/Oracle /Fed news this week is bad.

If you trade UK stocks watch out for ARM, Logica and Automny ("alleged" P2P
player) for a big bounce.

The problem today was no buyers and not selling pressure. Nasdaq Futures
currently +ve, but that means nothing these days

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> the naz sinks below 2k. <weepings>

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