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Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 04:14:14 PST

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<< I'm NOT calling a bottom. I'm just saying we could see a rally soon. -
 this week perhaps. I would not say it will be a strong rally or all stocks
 will move ..........
rose petals at your feet if you're right . . .

 .....unless the PPI/Oracle /Fed news this week is bad. >>

what do YOU think greenspan will do? i think today will decide. if there's
further sliding toward the precipice, he'll give half a percentage point. if
there's bargain buying, he might hold tight.

i'll bet bush is holding a gun to his his (spanny's) head right now. suddenly
there's a lot more reticence about the proposed tax cut, which is bottom
loaded anyway so how it can bring any kind of immediate relief? that's my
argument for favorable fed news.

argument against: spanny hates being a yankee (one who is yanked, in this


conjecture is free,

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