Re: Ginger discussed on Today Show?

Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 12:57:09 PST

Karl Anderson wrote:
> Yay, public transportation without the icky smelly public. This will

Apart from the inconvenience, the portable personal turf part is for real.
People are willing to spend more than 4 hours daily on the commute,
to evade a breach of their personal domain. I don't mind the icky smelly
public, but I'm sure going to build a cellphone jammer next. Particularly
obnoxious cases even deserve to get EMPed, but the equipment is a bit heavy,
and the spark gap discharge is too loud not to be overheard. (He zapped her,
and she fried).

Of course, the social losers do sediment in public transport,
especially in the U.S's less urban areas. MUC is quite tolerable, actually,
at least during core commute hours. After midnight, and the zombie
express around 2 in the morning are somewhat different ;)

> be the anthrophobe's dream when you get to work and dock your car into
> the office. Never interact with a potentially annoying human being

The true misantroph will rather tend to send only his avatar into the
virtual office.

> again!
> We do have these things called trains, already. And we do have piles

Unfortunately, they're tied to schedule, these iron "rail" things,
and are attached to large bureaucratic organizations.

Augmented personal transportation is clearly the future. Technically,
it's not a problem. But the threat of litigation makes vendors extremely
conservative to adapt change. Same thing with personal aircraft. Ugh.

> of cars sitting in parking lots around the trains, as well as
> successful carsharing companies that can put these cars to use. That
> would take care of at least 80% of the users of this crock of crap.

Nothing what a good high flux nuke wouldn't solve.

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