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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 15:33:29 PST writes:

> > We do have these things called trains, already. And we do have piles
> Unfortunately, they're tied to schedule, these iron "rail" things,
> and are attached to large bureaucratic organizations.

Cars are attached to large burearcratic organizations, too. Highways
don't build themselves without crews, cities don't police their own
traffic without cops, burning gasoline doesn't subsidize itself, Arabs
don't shell themselves without the army.

> Augmented personal transportation is clearly the future. Technically,
> it's not a problem. But the threat of litigation makes vendors extremely

Well, I'll admit that I'm a fanatic on the issue, but the there is a
current technical problem that's obvious in any US city - look at the
linear parking lots that border the 20 foot wide industrial strips
that permeat every urban neighborhood.

I guess that I hope that when gasoline becomes too expensive to
subsidize, the government decides it's not worth it to subsidize the
rest of the mess, too, and the citizens realize what they've been
paying. I know that I don't look forward to the crash that that will
cause, though.

Karl Anderson 

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