From: Robert S. Thau (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 13:18:24 PST

Jeff Bone writes:
> So how the hell do you get $52M in funding for implementing a typed
> Scheme-a-like in a browser plug-in, with curly braces replacing parens
> and a TeX rip-off DOM?
> :shakes head in amazement...

Something that may not be obvious from the current press releases is
exactly how long this thing has been around. A HEAD request on the
draft spec at

shows a last-modified date in December 1997; they were funded as an
academic project on a DARPA grant, according to the Curl corp.'s own
web site, in October 1995, and they were probably tossing ideas around
before that. Note also that the bulk of their funding was $42 million
in November 1999.

For comparison, HotJava and the Netscape licensing deal were announced
in May '95, the first Netscape beta with Java support was Oct. '95,
and the first released version with Java support was Mar. 1996 (at
which point Microsoft had already licensed Java).


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