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Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 21:32:04 PST

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<< > We do have these things called trains, already. And we do have piles
> of cars sitting in parking lots around the trains, as well as
> successful carsharing companies that can put these cars to use. That
> would take care of at least 80% of the users of this crock of crap. >>

thank you.

where i live, the sprawl is so bad that there is just no way you can put
anyone on any kind of route. there are no zones of commerce, per se. we've
got cheap land going forever. there's no bedrock here, just limestone. we
can't build upward like nyc, we can only expand laterally. so we do. most
people have to drive miles just to get out of their neighborhoods. it really

and there's the "mentality." southerners just don't use mass transit. they
equate bus or train travel with poverty. there are no incentives to carpool,
no matter how awful the traffic, no matter how rare the parking space.

that said, some of us just like the driving experience. for me, driving isn't
about getting from point a to point b in a hurry. it's about turning up the
monsoon and RACING. it's about transition from work to play, and vice versa.
it's my sacred bubble. i might be willing to give that up a few days out of
the week, but grudgingly.


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