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I agree, especially on the last part. Give me roadtrips, or give me

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> << > We do have these things called trains, already. And we do have piles
> > of cars sitting in parking lots around the trains, as well as
> > successful carsharing companies that can put these cars to use. That
> > would take care of at least 80% of the users of this crock of crap. >>
> thank you.
> where i live, the sprawl is so bad that there is just no way you can put
> anyone on any kind of route. there are no zones of commerce, per se. we've
> got cheap land going forever. there's no bedrock here, just limestone. we
> can't build upward like nyc, we can only expand laterally. so we do. most
> people have to drive miles just to get out of their neighborhoods. it really
> sucks.
> and there's the "mentality." southerners just don't use mass transit. they
> equate bus or train travel with poverty. there are no incentives to carpool,
> no matter how awful the traffic, no matter how rare the parking space.
> that said, some of us just like the driving experience. for me, driving isn't
> about getting from point a to point b in a hurry. it's about turning up the
> monsoon and RACING. it's about transition from work to play, and vice versa.
> it's my sacred bubble. i might be willing to give that up a few days out of
> the week, but grudgingly.
> gg

"Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases, think for yourself." --Doris Lessing,
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