RE: Ginger discussed on Today Show?

From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 11:06:04 PST

Point taken, but you could at least be environmentally conscious enough to -
just one day a week - leave the car at home and go into town by yoking up the
hound dogs to the rusted out chevy in the front yard. Think globally, act
locally, y'know? Here in Brooklyn we do our part by recycling crack vials.

- Lucas


> We can't fall on our dumb hick asses for not using public transportation
> if we don't have any. Let's see, we have a bus here. I can use it to go
> to either the casinos or the mall. I go neither place. But then again,
> I'm lucky to have a bus at all. I think there are 2 places that have em
> in this state: here and jackson. So bring out the fists. That won't help
> either. Of course we have Amtrak and Greyhound if we wanna travel. Uhm,
> yeh.
> C

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