Re: Ginger discussed on Today Show?

Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 16:22:40 PST

In a message dated 3/15/01 8:42:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, ThosStew writes:

<< In a message dated 3/15/2001 12:46:13 AM, writes:
> southerners just don't use mass transit. they
>equate bus or train travel with poverty
 waste enough and they'll therefore take to it "naturally" :-)
 Tom <--doesn't own a car >>

dear tom who doesn't own a car,

i'm very happy you have alternatives where you live. i assume you are
sending your real-time hologram to the next world economic forum, along with
your colleagues' holograms, because all this flying back and forth is just
too wasteful when you are availed of advanced technology that makes many
face-to-face meetings unnecessary.

what? you're NOT sending your hologram? then surely you are
teleconferencing your next interview. no? you're flying to three far-flung
cities in one week?


you glossy-magazine, hard-copy, paperback-and-hard-cover-copy person you. :-)


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