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Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 16:54:40 PST

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<< Forgetting all the other sociopoliticoeconomic issues for
> right now, are
> you saying you can't build two- or three-story buildings on
> your limestone
> land? I would think a few blocks of 2-3 story buildings could offer
> enough retail and service density to form a lively community
> that is also
> walkable. (Probably all of the interesting, livable
> communities I've seen
> have been based on a few walkable blocks of 2-3 story
> buildings.) How big
> a limit is the limestone?
> -Matt Jensen >>

we have a few skyscrapers even, on the banks o' the st. johns. but very few
private highrises. i'm sure it's a developers' profitabilty issue: when
land is dirt cheap (forgive me) why not sprawl and build cheap housing? and
given a choice, most families prefer suburbia <gag> over urbia, especially
when there is no cultural advantage to living "downtown."

there's a plan to build some lofts and private highrises downtown, but
they'll be pricey. commercial leases run upwards of $100 per sq ft per month.

my ideal would be to live in a pedestrian urban environment where i could get
to most everywhere without a car. like newbury st in boston but without the
bitter cold. <sigh> maybe live above a restaurant a block away from a small
market. there are very few markets here, either, just supermarkets with HUGE
parking lots, their locations determined by population density.

bumming myself out,

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