RE: Ginger discussed on Today Show?

From: Matt Jensen (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 11:03:22 PST

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 wrote:

> LOL! As my eco101 professor said, if we all used animals instead of cars,
> the farts would be eating up the ozone anyhow, so fuck it. (:

It's funny, and probably true, but it's also a false choice.
I'll bet lots of professors brush by externalities with quips like this,
when really externalities are some of the most interesting aspects of

"But seriously, Professor. Couldn't the government invest in long-term
research in cleaner energy."

"Uh, we've spent enough time on this. Now we'll look at how supply always
equals demand, because we're rational actors who always have perfect

-Matt Jensen

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