Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 10:37:43 PST

For Serious Marketers ONLY!
Direct Email Marketing
Are you making more money that ever?
Are You getting all the sales that you want?
Is your inbox filled with fresh orders every day?

If you answered YES to all of the above questions,
then you probably don't need our services.

However, If you answered No to ANY of them,
then try Marketing Solutionz!

Marketing Solutionz.... IS YOUR COMPLETE ANSWER!

We are Contract Mailers who send to with Quality Lists,
that have been cleaned and verified.
Our in-house lists get 90% plus deliverables.

Contract Mailing
We can send your ad to 100,000 or to 10 million
We capture all replies, including removes and flames
We send you only the qualified leads, that have
opted-in to receive your information!

NO Targeted Emails - General Internet Only!

We Can Take You BEYOND Bulk Email
Let Us Plan Your ENTIRE Ad Campaign!

ASK us about our Ad Copy Test Marketing

To find out how to get the leads
that you NEED, Don't waste another minute...
Call 954 567-8495,
Leave your name and phone #
We WILL return your call ASAP
To be permanently removed from our mailing list,
hit reply and type REMOVE in the subject box.
If REMOVE is not in the subject box our software
will not read it and you WILL NOT be removed

For Serious Marketers ONLY!

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