Re: Rambus comeuppance

Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 03:31:21 PST

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<< It seems that SDRAM doesn't actually infringe their patents due to
 technical differences and that their antics may catch up with them
 after all. >>

Too early a call on that, Robert.

<<Plus a possible FTC investigation.>>

the threat of FTC investigation is such old news, seems it would have
happened by now.

but wait, there's more:
"If we focus on the term "multiplex bus" vs. "bus", as has been widely
reported, the impression adopted by many observers is that Rambus' bus is a
"multiplex bus" and common SDRAM and DDR memory uses just a "bus". Without
diving into the technical minutia of the two definitions, it is a fact that
many versions of SDRAM and DDR still perform "multiplex bus" functions, and
the two are not nearly as cut and dry as the Markman hearing briefs make
them out to be. For those keeping score at home, and are crossing off all
the claims that reference "Bus" thinking they are no longer a part of the
case, there is little reason to believe that these claims should be
automatically thrown out.

For those not keeping score at home, there are, as we've counted, nine
claims that do not reference "Bus".

Apart from the "Bus" issues, there are still a number of separate claims
that Infineon has to prove they did not infringe. It will only take one
claim in Rambus' favor to win the case."

this is from Weekly Update 3.16.01. Pages on RMBS alone, with
knowledgeable inference (for a change).

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