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Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 04:10:49 PST

Udhay Shankar N ( wrote:
>Do any of the Irvine types here have more info about this company ?

I'm not an Irvine type, but a few observations from their Web pages...

Front page:
>[...] security chipsets [...]

That phrase indicates either bullshit or serious shit, not your
average tech startup.

Vision page:
>Secure Pervasive Computing Networks (sPCN) are the next human achievement,


>BluePoints garbage. will become the secure gateway and information escrow
>for the eAddress of the homes, replacing the traditional mailbox."

Isn't the word "escrow" taboo these days?

Mission page:
>* We will offer "CDL Inside" technology to upgrade the security in legacy
> systems and existing products to enter our sPCN.

It is difficult, to put it mildly, to retrofit security. It should be
designed in. This is, like, the 1st commandment or something.

Management page, section about their security guy:
>Mike Furusawa, Chief Security Officer
>Mr. Mike Furusawa brings a wealth of knowledge of cryptographic
>product development and management experience. He is an authority in
>developing high security cryptographic systems for National Security
>Agency (NSA) applications. As Chief Technologist for Mykotronx, Inc.
>[...] Mr. Furusawa was responsible for all new cryptographic product
>initiatives and developments for Mykotronx.

It's the serious flavor. Mykotronx are the people who fabbed Clipper
chips. The chips were crap (and the security was flawed).

Paranoid, me? Chances are the NSA wants to read your Bluetooth
traffic even more efficiently than they already can (the so-called
"security" in Bluetooth hinges on a 4-digit PIN - bah).

Skeptical, me? Chances are this company genuinely wants to improve
Bluetooth security. What parts? Key exchange? Encryption? How?
Their publications section has a paper about BlueZone(TM). Apparently
they are going to revolutionize business etc. They "implement
hardware encryption technologies, eliminating the vulnerabilities of
software encryption" so we can "rest assured" of "maximum security"
for "Identification, Authentication and Content protection". Oh well
that's fine then, sign me up.

Remind me, what decade are we in again?

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