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>Small Internet company salaries stay up
>Janos Gereben - the451
>[Study is first to look into compensation statistics at small,
>privately-held Internet companies.]
>A new US study of compensation at small and mid-sized Internet-related
>companies found California still on top, by a bit, with an average annual
>salary of $230,000 for CEOs, and not showing decline as the general business
>downturn is becoming obvious. The Mid-Atlantic region followed closely, with
>$220,000, but showing a higher average - of $243,000 - for sales directors.
>New England came in with another $10,000 drop for CEOs (at $210,000), and
>the average figure for the South was $198,000. All figures include salary
>and bonus payment.
>Hale and Dorr, Ernst & Young, the Harvard Business School and the executive
>recruiting firm J. Robert Scott jointly produced the "2001 Internet
>Compensation Report." The study surveyed salaries for nine senior executive
>positions, and it was based on surveys of 211 companies with an average of
>50 employees.
>In contrast with the CEO averages, the studio showed wider regional
>fluctuation for CFOs, from the high of $205,000 to a low of $165,000 in the
>Mid-Atlantic. Heads of engineering were, on the average, positioned between
>CEOs and CFOs, at around $180,000 nationally.
>Surveys of other job categories included chief operating officer ($226,000
>at Mid-Atlantic companies), chief technology officer ($175,000), head of
>marketing ($188,000), head of business development ($214,000) and head of
>human resources ($119,000).
>The study found a rate of company equity stake held by CEOs inverse
>proportion to cash compensation, ranging from 10.57% in California to 16.52%
>in the South.
>Noam Wasserman, a Harvard Business School doctoral candidate who designed
>the survey and analyzed the data, said the study provided information
>available nowhere else. "From all the research that I've done on
>compensation reports, I found that there was very little on small, private
>companies," he said.
>Janos Gereben/SF, CA

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