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From: Udhay Shankar N (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 21:04:26 PST

At 01:10 PM 3/17/01 +0100, Robert Harley wrote:

>Skeptical, me? Chances are this company genuinely wants to improve
>Bluetooth security. What parts? Key exchange? Encryption? How?
>Their publications section has a paper about BlueZone(TM). Apparently
>they are going to revolutionize business etc. They "implement
>hardware encryption technologies, eliminating the vulnerabilities of
>software encryption" so we can "rest assured" of "maximum security"
>for "Identification, Authentication and Content protection". Oh well
>that's fine then, sign me up.

That was helpful, thanks. I got passed this as a job lead by a friend -
looks like it's back to the drawing board then.


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