Re: Ginger discussed on Today Show?

From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 18:41:27 PST

> What's going to happen to communities that depend on the car
> when it costs $50 to get groceries because you have to drive
> to the strip mall?

The cost of fresh vegetables will go through the roof for city types,
who'll all starve. We'll be fine out here in cornfield land. Ha ha!

Seriously, though, there are actual markets at work here, and people are
right this very minute making the choices that best suit their wants,
needs and resources. When the inputs to the markets (like the price of
gas) change, they will probably make different choices. But then there
will also be incentives for someone to make a buck by providing better
choices. Ethanol or some other biomass derivative could replace gas,
and it won't take $50/gallon to do it. Just to name one possibility.

So, don't like the suburbs if you wish. I happen to like mine quite
well. I don't believe there's a moral high ground in either. Just
folks maximizing their utility in a given set of circumstances.


Welcome to the Big Apple. Don't mind the maggots. Mick

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