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Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 19:21:43 PST

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Wayne E Baisley wrote:

--]> What's going to happen to communities that depend on the car
--]> when it costs $50 to get groceries because you have to drive
--]> to the strip mall?
--]The cost of fresh vegetables will go through the roof for city types,
--]who'll all starve. We'll be fine out here in cornfield land. Ha ha!

IN the heart of NYC there is a weekly "farmers market" near 14th and union
sq, if memory serves me. They get the stuffs in for those that will pay
for it.

The cost of living in places like NYC is pretty much known upfront, so if
you cant afford to, you really shouldnt move there. Heck I was making good
money and still going broke, 4 star sushi 2 a week will do that to you.

--]Welcome to the Big Apple. Don't mind the maggots. Mick

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