Re: Becoming our mother?

Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 04:24:43 PST

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 Bottom line, the gov't's job isn't --- or shouldn't be --- to redistribute
 wealth. Or have we become the United Socialist States of Amerika while I
 looking? Don't listen to me, listen to what someone with a wee bit more
 cred has to say: >>

if you don't think this tax plan redistributes wealth, take a reality pill
and look at what wealth distribution looks like right now. what % holds % of
it. working class people spend almost all of their income, what they spend it
on is taxed - in some cases taxed again - while the wealthy just accumulate
more tax-deferred money. why not cut the sales tax (state by state, since
this administration is so gung ho on empowering the states and lessening the
stranglehold of the evil federal govt.) if you want to be "fair." it might
be a good idea to force the corporations that owe multi-billions in back
taxes to pay up.

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