Re: OmniSky OC Life

From: Ciamac Moallemi (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 08:17:47 PST

I had a much less satisfying experience with the omnisky. I had one about a
year ago in their beta program. Since I now have a RIM, here is one man's

RIM advantages:
+ always on, the omnisky needs to be explicitly turned on and has no mechanism
+ better battery life, I get 2 weeks on a AA, the omnisky didn't last a
full day
+ better coverage, the omnisky was barely usable indoors here in Boston
+ better input, I find thumbing to be much faster than graffiti for writing
email and such
+ better form factor, it's easy to leave the RIM950 on my belt all the
time, the omnisky modem+palm v was too big to put in my pocket or otherwise
carry around all the time

Omnisky advantages:
+ true tcp/ip device, e.g. you can run an ssh client, browse the web, etc.
+ broad range of available software since it's a palm
+ many fewer network congestion problems, my RIM is on Cingular's network
and when the network gets congested messages can be delayed more than an hour

I think the omnisky is great in principal, but practical factors forced me
to junk it within a month. The RIM, on the other hand, only does one thing,
but does it really well.

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