Re: Becoming our mother?

Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 06:09:43 PST

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001 rebutted Wayne:
> > Yep, it's going back to the very people who overpaid in the first place.
> > Is that a surprise? Is that wrong? >>
> not necessarily, just don't insult my intelligence by telling me it's "good
> for the economy." tell it like it is, bush. you're paying back your
> base.

1) It's good for the economy.
        At least my small piece of it. When I see more money coming in,
I'll finally replace my dying late-80s Capehart television with a big
shiny new model. Consumer spending will increase to fit. Notice the big
ad campaigns that run trying to get your tax-refund check at the
Rent-A-Center? Spending is "good".

2) Helping the "rich" is not a bad thing.
        I fall into the definition of rich by every standard but my own,
as most of FoRK does, based on my salary. What's the line now, $50k/yr?
$70k/yr? I pay heap big taxes, though Adam accuses me of having an army
of accountants that skate me past it. That's just payroll, god forbid I
ever move enough around to get cap gains taxed.
        The "rich" that are so popularly assailed are actually the middle
class. Actually attacking the "super rich" does nobody any good.

3) He's paying back his base, but not like you think.
        30 people do not make a base. 3000 people don't make a base.
The super rich 1% (or .1%, depending on who you listen to) are not Dubya's
base. The base is the middle class. They (WE!) are getting a payback.
The lower class is also going to get juiced as a side-effect, and the
upper class as well.

4) If you oppose abortion, don't have one.
        I've heard concerns that a tax cut will force reductions in program
spending. I've got a copy of last year's income tax booklet and forms.
When we get next year's cut, feel free to fill out your taxes at the old
rate, and send in the difference as a donation to the fed govt debt
reduction fund. If you oppose a tax cut, don't take one.
        If that's not good enough, then you're obviously just trying to
force your morality and beliefs on someone else, and that's wrong. Right?

Of course, this is of the original point of Adam's post. To which, I say
that when the bar-code crew comes, I'll be glad I have the right to keep and
bear arms. Mostly.


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