RE: Becoming our mother?

From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 09:47:06 PST

> What pisses me off is that I've paid huge amounts in taxes, feeling
> okay about it because it was paying off the debt, and now Bush is
> going to hand it all back to the old rich who still have money in this
> post-crash economy. It's like I drop a nice big bill in the tip jar
> and some jerk behind me snatches it out when he thinks no one's
> looking.
> - Joe

Not sure if you're talking about tax cuts -- which is just taking less money
away from the rich, not actually handing them money -- or stuff like
subsidies to coal-burning plants to develop "cleaner" coal burning.

If you resent Bush's tax cuts on the basis that it hands money to the rich,
then at least please define it properly: Bush proposes to take less money
away from the rich, and that pisses you off, because you think the rich
should pay a higher proportion of their income to taxes than Bush proposes.

If you resent subsidies to big business, then the only quibble I have is
that the wording of your complaint sounded like you resented money being
given to old rich *people* rather than old rich *corporations*.


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