Rio Volted

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 11:11:22 PST

I got my Rio VOlt on Friday. Folks, few are the moments I am speachless,
the rio volt has given me several.

To say this product is good is to say Mikey Angelo could sling paint or
Billy Martin was an OK manager. The Rio Volt is THE mp3 cd player I have
been waiting for these last 5+ years.

Why so amazed. PLays mp3 down to the lowest kbs, has a resume after power
down function (great for those hours long mp3s), big lcd, play lists, and
best of all upgradable firmware that has already had several upgrades
adding new features and file formats that can be decoded.

If i could graft this thing to my body I would:)- Well maybe not, but its
a thought.

If your looking for an mp3 cd player this is the one for you.

Price 169

Yours Truly

"What's the sense in ever thinking about the tomb
When you're much too busy returning to the womb?"

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