The Road To Serfdom mp3

From: Tom WSMF (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 15:46:43 PST

An amazing find. Ive been listeing to a series called Words At War on my
riovolt today , its an amzing series done during WWII in which the great
journalists and books of the day were broadcast on the air with a dramatic

One episode strikes what we have been talking about on fork off and on
for a while. Its FA Hayeck doing a send up of his own book Road to
Serfdom. Lots of FA doing the do against socialism and taking from
each etc etc to a crowd of joe sixpacks.

It was first broadcast 5/15/45

Sure its a creature of its time, but all and still it speaks to some of
the things we have been hitting on. If nothing else its an interesting
episode of an interesting show.

I have opened a yahoogroup for files, mp3 and the like that I might talk
about on Fork so folks can see and hear for themselves. Its an open group
so you shoudnt need to register.

You can get to it at

Give it a listen.

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