Re: Why "progressive" tax schemes are evil

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 12:41:16 PST

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> From: "Matt Jensen" <>
> > [Oh, wait. I should have made that broader. Not only are Tom and Jeff
> > against laws "for your own good", they're against laws "for the good of
> > others". For example, from that thread, Jeff is against laws requiring
> > meat inspectors; he'd rather let tort law and market forces handle it.]
> And if you add in the "Food Slander" laws, then you've effectively shielded
> producers from any responsibility! What a wonderful world. If you're worried
> about your food supply poisoning you, just pay more, but don't you dare
> criticize those poor, risk-taking producers.

Now hold on there, pard --- I never said that we shouldn't have punitive
recourse against risk-taking producers that fail in their own responsibility.
Go back and read the thread; I think you'll find that I'm just about hanging
the responsibility where it belongs, and having a REACTIVE body of extremely
punitive law rather than a PROACTIVE body of regulatory, paternal, prophylactic

I'm neither a bleeding-heart lib nor a rabid pro-biz anti-human conservative.


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